Friday, October 21, 2011

News: Wii Classic Controller Pro – Black

Wii Classic Controller Pro – Black

  • Controller comes in two stylish colors to match your Wii console: black and white
  • Blends design elements from classic Nintendo controllers with modern ergonomic features
  • Ergonomic grip allows for player comfort during long play sessions while additional row of shoulder buttons expands on control options in-game
  • By plugging into a Wii Remote players experience near wireless freedom
  • Compatible with more than 460 Wii, WiiWare and Virtual Console gamestores

Simple. Intuitive. Easy to use. The Classic Controller Pro is designed to work together with the Wii Remote controller on the Wii video gamestore system. Created for accessibility and comfort, the Classic Controller Pro blends design elements from gamestore systems such as the NES, Super NES, and Nintendo 64 providing seamless play control for a wide range of gamestores. The Classic Controller Pro is primarily used for playing Virtual Console gamestores on the Wii Shop Channel (not compatible with Nintendo GameCube gamestores). Also look on the back of Wii Game Disc packaging to see which gamestores use the Classic Controller Pro. The Wii Classic Controller Pro is an update of the original Classic Controller for Wii that allows players to enjoy

Wii Classic Controller Pro – Black

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