Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Monday, October 31, 2011

Auto Build It Site

Are you still struggling to get a real website online that actually makes any money?

Do video and squeeze pages baffle you? Don't know your HTML from your Javascript?

Couldn't write a lick of code if your life depended on it?

Check out AutoBuildIt site builder at

I've just finished testing a new service makes it so drop-dead simple to build any type of online sales... that even a DRUNK MONKEY could click around the screen and ACCIDENTALLY build a site that looks like you've just spent $25,000 on it.

To say it's idiot-proof is an understatement. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can build full- blown marketing sites, video squeeze pages, order forms, delayed 'buy it now' pages, opt-in forms, integrate with social media, run a membership site and affiliate program... and have the whole thing deployed to your own .com live, in minutes.

And best of all? These sites look GOOD. Like, *really* good. No code, no designer, no technical skills needed. Just point, click and you're done.

I've spent the last week testing this service out and I can honestly say there's nothing else that comes close. Lets say you want to split-test a squeeze page. It takes 2 seconds to hit 'duplicate', another 15 seconds to type a new headline, 5 seconds to choose a new design, and a single second to save it. Instantly, that new page is online!

It's so brain-dead fast and easy to build pre-optimized, SEO-ready sites for dominating ANY market, that I'm convinced it's going to single-handedly change the way we build 'direct response' sites for good.

No more trying to force your blog to act like a 'real' website... or outsourcing web work to an expensive programmer/designer. There's nothing to install, either - just log in to your online control panel and go.

So check out AutoBuildIt site builder at <a href=""></a> and find out more about this great software !

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