Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

sugar beet seed in IRAN


Jul 25 (1 day ago)
to meabazar.rajabi
Dear M.SundaraRajan,

Hello! How are you?

I have observed your page and video in internet. We are members of an Iranian company and sellers of sugar beet seed in IRAN, under supervision of a research sugar beet institute.

We request you to introduce us the centers or any kind of organization in India or in middle east, which could buy sugar beet seed (monogerm or multigerm).

We can exchange our ideas and we also can pay you for finding us the clients through a signed contract.

You may visit our website:

We are waiting for your response.

Best regards,

Shima Shahmoradi
International Coordinator of SBSI

Friday, July 1, 2016

Trade Finance

Trade Finance

You will be pleased to note that we can offer our assistance and services to arrange the following trade finance facilities.

Bill Discounting-
Non Recourse Export DA Bills Advance between 80%-90% Leverage international AR and turn into cash within 1-2 days.

Working Capital-
Available for Indian importers and exporters as a transactional finance where the buyers and sellers have contract in place on profit sharing or any other mutually beneficial trade terms please note this may not be treated as a loan but as transaction finance in the shape of working capital..

Imports from USA-
Credit facility through one of the leading US EXIM BANK licensed company for financing of machinery goods and services from United States.

Imports from China-
Funding For Power & Other Projects, Bulk Imports of Machinery, Raw Material from Chinese Banks / Chinese Financiers

Banking Instruments for Importers and Exporters-
Irrevocable, Sight, Usance, Deferred, Revocable, Back to Back, Revolving Letter of Credit

Bank Guarantees-
Payment Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Performance Guarantee

• Business Overview
• Scanned copy of Passport / Pan Card with contact details
• Banking co ordinates of applicant and suppliers
• Performa Invoice.
• Bank Statement
• Incorporation Certificate

*T&C apply

With regards
Surya Capital / Surya International
Commercial Complex,
Mukherjee Nagar,
Delhi - 110009, INDIA
What’s App: +91 9811 548 972
Mobile: +91 9971 052 236
Tel: +91-011- 47083659
Skype: suryacap

*Disclaimer:-* This email is meant for the person to whom it is
addressed. Surya Capital is only arrangers or Independent Financial
Consultants and are not Lenders, Providers, Financiers, Bankers or
registered with any Financial or Government Institutions. All Transactions
are at the sole discretion of the concerned Banks/Lenders/Financiers, and
as per their terms and conditions. As Financial facilitators we provide
Service to Borrowers for arranging finance facilities on their behalf and
provide proposals to investors of the borrowers for their processing and
acceptance. As facilitators we provide services to the borrowers and
investors and are fee based and assume no risks, responsibility or
liability on behalf of the borrowers/lenders.

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