Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Friday, August 16, 2013

Herbal and Fruit infusions

There is large trade taking place in Natural Ingredients for Medicines..Raw material for herbal and fruit infusions is commonly traded in dried form. Drying takes place directly after harvesting and is carried out in the countries of origin. There are essentially two situations to consider:
i) The material can be grown, gathered and dried in the traditional manner by smallholders
and then sold to a professional trader. HACCP does not apply to smallholders. However, it
does apply to professional traders since they can provide the required degree of organisation
as specified by the EU Regulation on Food Hygiene (1) (2) for the application of HACCP
(Considerations 9, 2nd sentence, and 16, 1st sentence).
ii) Freshly gathered material is taken to a special drying plant by various different producers
or collectors. In such cases the necessary organisation is expected to be available to
support the implementation of HACCP.
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