Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Monday, February 28, 2011

We want to represent your products on our markets.

We want to represent your products on our markets.

Firstly, we wish you a happy new year 2011.
May this year be a happy year for your business.
Indeed we are a company and we are located in West Africa.
You can visit our website at
Our network covers a vast market here in africa and we want to partner with you.
We want to sell your products on the market that we control.
In the hope of a favorable response to our proposal, please accept the expression of our sincere considerations.
Nous voulons representer vos produits sur nos marchés.
Tout d'abord,nous vous souhaitons une bonne et heureuse année 2011.
Que cette année soit une heureuse année pour votre entreprise.
En effet nous sommes une entreprise et nous sommes localisées en afrique de l'ouest.
Vous pouvez visiter notre site web au
Notre reseau couvre un vaste marché ici en afrique et nous voulons créer un partenariat avec vous.
Nous voulons vendre vos produits sur le marché que nous contrôlons.
Dans l'espoir d'une suite favorable à notre proposition,nous vous prions de recevoir l'expression de nos sincères considérations.

Solar Heater

I will like to order Solar Heater, Do get back to me with the type and price range on the ones that you carry or customer made so i can place an order with you or can get back to me with your web site so that i can make my  selection and get back to you.Thank You

My regards

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Apply for participation

We at RFWF (Right for women foundation) sends our warn greetings
to our entire members worldwide. And with great enthusiasm, we wish
to invite groups, and women focused organization to be part of our
forthcoming combined conference with Theme "violence against women and children"  taking place in the United States and the United Kingdom . The conferences are of two segments.
Firstly, one shall commence in Seattle , Washington , USA . On the 22nd of March till the 25th of March, 2011 at capitol auditorium, 51 9th Avenue Seattle , WA 98101
The second segment shall take place in UK and shall commence on the
28th of March till the 31st of March, 2011 at 42 Centre High St , Hamble, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 4JF
Through these events, we aim to strengthen the capacity of voluntary sector organizations that are working to influence policy and improve the status of women and also among other things as below.
1. To discuss and understand current proposals on legal aid and the implications for women's access to justice
2. To re-educate and enlighten women about their rights and also promote
 a common goal of building safe, supportive and good communities.
3. To create spaces for the women of the world to acquire the power of collective action, critical dialogue and community organizing to undermine violence against women
4. To equip the adult participants with vital tools and know-how that will aid them in conducting such workshops amongst themselves in their various countries.
5. This seminar will equip you with a better understanding of the way that the proposed changes will affect the women that you work with and enable you to respond to the consultation. Participants will engage in a question and answer session on the current proposals and the potential impact of the proposed changes on women's access to justice.
We have noticed that this is an incredible means of interacting with different organizations of the world on a particular issue as it affect mankind.
This seminar and debate is open to representatives from voluntary and statutory sector organizations interested in finding out about, and campaigning on, the law and policy related to access to justice and civil legal aid. It is open to women and men and will be publicized widely.
Moreover, funding maybe provided for individuals from qualifying organizations.Provisions have been made for all delegates to this event, all round tickets,feeding and accommodation in USA by our sponsors. All delegates will take care of their feeding and accommodation in the UK as our resources do not cover that.
Mode of application:
Interested organizations should forward the following information about their organization.
1. Aims and objectives of their organization.
2. Organization profile.
3. Achievements so far.
Only groups with delegates between the numbers of two and ten selected members would be allowed to participate from each of the selected countries. Individuals who do not belong to any organization but are interested to participate should form a group of at least two persons. All participants MUST be part of the two segments or their forms will not be processed.
Send applications now. (
Yours Faithfully
Mrs.Gloria Brown

Friday, February 18, 2011

Re: cashew nut in large quqntity for sell

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From: King Tayo <>
Date: Friday, February 18, 2011 11:03 pm
Subject: cashew nut in large quqntity for sell

> To who it may concern, please we are cashew nut seller we are
> looking forward to
> get cashew nut buyers from every part of the world please,we shall
> be very glad
> if only you could help us out,i mean get us link up with buyer
> around the world
> .Thanks, and for any more details and informations on how to
> contact us,you can
> call us on this phone number 07080581977 / 07030439289  or mail.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Re: manufacturers of zinc sulphate


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From: chintan cholera <>
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 12:32 am
Subject: manufacturers of zinc sulphate

> Dear sir,
>             i m the manufacturers of zinc sulphate & you are buyer
> of zinc sulphate pls contact me from 9323461583 this numbar

> Balaji chemicals
> W/159 MIDC
> Tarapure
> Boisar


Friday, February 11, 2011

Re: PET Form

your request posted to

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From: Kanishka Bahety <>
Date: Friday, February 11, 2011 12:07 pm

> We are looking for PETFORM.
> We understand you are manufacturing the same,we would appriciate
> to
> have your best offer for
> neck :28cm
> weight : 20,23,28 &37grams
> qnty : 500,000per/month
> We would request you to please make your best offers, SAN PEDRO
> also please confirm,packing style,dimensions etc.
> Thanks and look forward to have your best offers.
> Kanishka Bahety
> KOLKATA- 700 020
> PH- +9133-2287 0131, 2401 4378
> FAX- +9133-22871620
> Web :

Plants for sale - price list

your mail posted to

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From: mani <>
Date: Friday, February 11, 2011 6:32 pm
Subject: Fw: plants price list
To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, info@p,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jd-singh@i,,,,,,,
From: "mani "
Subject: plants price list
we can supply following plants on this prices by rly or by air.

1. Anthurium pot plants flowering- Rs 250
2. Phalaenopsis orchid flowerig - Rs 300
3. Bird of paradise - nr 1.5-2 feet -Rs 45
4. Gerbera young plants- 5"to6" - Rs 30
5. Carnation cuttings -Rs 8.50
6. Amarllis bulbs - kalimpong var- Rs 5
7. Football lily- Rs -6
8. Kalanchu double- Rs 30
we hv also many more var. pls ask
with thanks.
Flora Agri Biotech (P)ltd
mob- 9431232333

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Banner Ads - sample

Re: Fwd: Paper bag,PVC bag,Tote bag,non woven bag,packing and paperproducts manufacture in yiwu China

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From: "Yiwu(China) export agent" <>
Date: Sunday, February 6, 2011 9:58 pm
Subject: Fwd: Paper bag,PVC bag,Tote bag,non woven bag,packing and paperproducts manufacture in yiwu China

> Dear Sir,
> We are a manufacture of PVC bag,non woven bag,paper bag,wine bag
> and lots
> packing products.We are glad to know you from internet.
> With 10 years experience in peoducing and exporting,we are
> professional and
> reliable for your business in China.
> If you have any packing or print products need produce in China,or
> you need
> any soucing agent in China,just feel free to contact us.
> Dustin Qian
> Mob:0086-13566782340
> Skype:dustin0524
> Yahoo
> Hongtai print and paper manufature co.,ltd
> Address:138# Beicun Road,Yiwu city,Zhejiang,China.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valuable products from used tires - hot project

epoxy adhsives data base on CD ROM

Epoxy based adhesives have become the most recognizable structural adhesive type and have found commercial success in demanding applications such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and do-it-yourself sector

Re: OFFER - gold dust

Gold Dust
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From: Emour Anaki <>
Date: Saturday, February 5, 2011 2:16 am
Subject: OFFER.
Dear Sir/madam,
 We the principal sellers are pleased to make this offer of AU
Metal Gold/ Dust under the penalty of perjury and with full
corporate and legal responsibility to the following terms and
1. Product : AU Metal (Gold)
2. Origin : Burkina Faso West Africa
3. Type : Alluvial
4. Purity : 92.7%

Quantity: 640 kilos
 Buyer or representative of the buyer is suppose to come down to
(Burkina Faso) for the inspection and random sampling of our Gold
Dust. or make planes for the goods to be shipment to he/she
 We look forward to establishing a long lasting business
relationship with you.
Mr Emour Anaki.

epoxy-adhesives-Production , Types, Technology, Applications, Patent, Consultants, Company Profiles, Reports, Market, Projects, Guides

epoxy-adhesives-Production , Types, Technology, Applications, Patent, Consultants, Company Profiles, Reports, Market, Projects, Guides

Pasteurization Systems utilize radio frequency heating

Pasteurization Systems utilize radio frequency heating.
Feb 1, 2011 As alternative to noxious gases, radiation, or carbon producing thermal techniques, Macrowave(TM) Ultra-Series Pasteurization Systems apply high frequency electric field to bulk and bagged food products to control pathogens. Material to be treated is conveyed through high frequency electrode array where alternating electrical energy causes material to heat rapidly and uniformly throughout product thickness. Technology is instant-on, instant-off, using energy only during treatment process

Solar Energy PROJECTS

Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Survey No. 143, Wadgaon Shairy, Pune-
Sinhgad Road, Pune 411 041, Maharashtra
Tel: 020-24392064, 24392084
Fax: 24391979
Exec: Hemant Sadashiv Revankar (M.D.),
Anil Krishnakumar Baikerikar (Dir.)
Pr: *Food Processing Machinery & Equipment
*Dairy Equipment *Solar Water Heating Systems,
Solar Photovoltaic Devices *Chemical Plant Equipment

Re: I’dLike To Know

DID YOU SEE's-wort.htm

From: Johnny Baker <>
Date: Friday, February 4, 2011 2:45 pm
Subject: I'dLike To Know

I was searching the internet for a business and came across
Xanthone Juice.
How is it going for you?
Warm regards,

Food processing gadgets

Blinex Filter-Coat Pvt. Ltd.
A/3, Nand-Bhavan Indl. Estate, Mahakali
Caves Rd., Andheri (E), Mumbai 400093 (M.S.)
Tel/Fax: 022-28326604/28377324
Fax: 022-28326007
Exec: Ratnapal Dhami (Mng.Dir.), Kirtan
Dhami (Dir.)
Pr: *TEFLON Thick Coating-BlionTM*PTFE
Non-Stick Coating *Teflon/PTFE Coated
Fastners-Xylan ® *TEFLON Foam Gasket-
TefomTM*Adhesive Tape-TeftapTM*TEFLON
PTFE Moulded Parts-TefvarTM*PTFE Coated
Glass Cloth-TefglasTM*TEFLONPTFE Lined
Pipes & Fittings ForolinTM*Porous Plastic Filter
Cartridge , Rods, Sheets as per requirement-PolyporTM
*Diffuser/Aerator for waste water treatment-PolyporTM
*Airline Filter Element-AirfilTM *Pneumatic Equipment

Blister Packing machine

Blister Packing MFG. Co.
8906, Shidi Pura, East Park Road, New Delhi 110005
Tel: 011-25524539
Pr: *Blister Packing / Cutting / Sealing / Mould Making /
Vacuum Forming Machines *Die Cutting Machines
*Blister Sealing Machines

Re: Invention

We have posted your offer on

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From: minesh gadgil <>
Date: Friday, February 4, 2011 4:35 pm
Subject: Invention

Res sir
I have used all seed husk e.g. rice, ground nut,bins,toor, green peas
and by using cow dung as catalyst and water and solar energy I have
developed process by which we can manufacture hydrocarbon acids, fatty
acids and alcohol which is very useful echo friendly chemicals. The
process is carried out at very low temperature by using simple
I have got its patent from Indian government.
If interested Pl contact.


Buhler (India) Pvt. Ltd.
13-D, KIADB Industrial Area, Attibele
562107, Bangalore Distt., Karnataka
Tel: 080-27820000
Fax: 080-27820001
Off: Delhi Tel: 011-26484370, 26231226,
Telefax: 011-26481226
Pr: *Complete Plants, Equipments & Services
For flour milling, feed milling, oil milling,
Coffee, rice milling, brewing & malting, pasta
Etc. *Seeds & Grain Processors etc.

Packaging machinery supplier

Business Links
42/43, Mahakavi Kuvempu Road, Near Devaiah
Park, Bangalore 560021, Karnataka
Tel: 080-23322297, 23424368
Fax: 080-23423395
Pr: *Packaging Machinery, e.g. *Box Strapping
Machine *Packaging Material e.g: *Air Bubble

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Brunel Hotel London
Head Office Addres 79-81 Gloucester Terrace,
London,UK Website

As per above request we need manpower to work in Brunel
Hotel in UK. The total requirements will be 20 workers. just
the year our hotel need outside workers not inside the
London UK Workers that have the ability to work hard only
need to apply and must come from non-criminal origin and
must agreed to abide by the hotel?s rules and regulations.
Details needed: Bio-data's of these workers in advance for
us to do the shortlist before conduction of interview .Also
important they must speak some English during interview.
They will be tested on the spot and interviewed by the hotel
management.Salary: is very attractive depending on
experience to be found in our salary and benefit which will
be forwarded to you for your perusal. Overtime: 2 hrs/day
Public Holiday / Sunday: Double Pay The important thing here
is speed. The hotel management wants the whole thing settled
in45days time. If you can meet our requirement please reply
for further procedures. The management will take care of your
your feeding,accommodation. Do not reply this mail .Email us here :{}
Branch Office 6th Floor
76 Shoe Lane
DX 449 London Chancery Lane
Hot Lines: +447017999818
Fax.(0)+44 80 0240 9058
Inquiries:(0)+44 835 2100 893

Re: iboga seeds and roots bark for sale

Your request is posted to Trade portal
Keep watching
You may get response from Buyers

From: Dr Ndialos ngoke <>
Date: Thursday, February 3, 2011 3:30 pm
Subject: iboga seeds and roots bark for sale

> Dear Sir
> Greeting am from the central Africa country call Cameroon .By Name
> am Mr.
> Ndiale from the south west Region of Cameroon I live in a small
> village of
> the foot of mount Cameroon .I am a herbal and medicinal plants
> Roots, Tree
> Barks and Seeds Collector. I collected my plants in the central Africa
> countries Gabon, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea Congo. About
> botanical seeds
> I have access to. I have access to as much as many botanical seeds
> in the
> central Africa forest..I will send you a list of seeds and plant i
> haveAccess to the plant and seeds with tress bark for medicinal
> used ..iboga dry
> roots,iboga root barks ,iboga seeds,.
> Ask for my list i will send it
> thanks

Pollution Control Equipment

Biotim Pollutech Ltd.
11, Patel Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024 (T.N.)
Tel: 044-24843671 *Fax: 044-24831410
Pr: *Water Pollution Control Equipment
*Aerator *Flocculator *Vacuum Filters
*Effluent Treatment Equipment

Bio-Tech & Food Systems

Bio-Tech & Food Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.
435-P, Sector-14, Gurgaon 122001, Haryana
Tel: 0124-2323 996/2304 834
Fax: 0124-2304 834

Mobile: 98110-33726
Estd: 1992
Exec: P.S. Dharamwal (M.D.), Subrat Singh
Services: Consultancy in Food Processing & Biotechnology *Foreign Collaborations
*Rep. of Machinery Suppliers *Financial Participation with buy back agreement, Loans,
Bank, Financial Inst. Soft Load & Foreign Loan,
HACCP, GMP, ISO Product development for MNCIS & Export Turnkey Food Processing Projects

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Accredited Testing Laboratory

Bangalore Test House
65, 20th Main, Marenhalli, Vijayanagar,
Bangalore 560040, Karnataka
Tel: 080-23356415, 23388895, 23502684,
Telefax: 080-23385979
Email: Arijit Chatterjee, Radhakrishna
Services: *Leading ISO-9002 and NABI
Accredited Testing Laboratory in Bangalore
Specialized in the testing of Food Products,
Flavours, Beverages, Vitamins, Minerals,
Drugs, Water Effluents, Air Pollution Studies,
Chemicals – for chemical Analysis, Micro
Biological Studies, and Consultancy Services

Holographic Security and Promotional Film

Bajaj Holographics (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Z-25, Phase II, Okhla Industrial Area,
New Delhi 110020
Tel: 011-2691150/1488, 26386228/231
Fax: 011-26386018
Head Office: S-21-B, Lane No.12, Anand
Parbat Industrial Area, New Delhi 110005
Tel: 011-25754766/25788475
Pr: “BAJAJ” *Holographic Security and
Promotional Film

Poly Aluminum chloride from China

Ms.Elaine Wong
Marketing Department
Company:Nanjing Zhengyun Chemicals Co.,Ltd
Tel: 86-025-85358011
Fax: 16080-85358011
Skype: Elaine.wong1987