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Monday, October 10, 2011



Question by lyco54:
What does a skipped period and negative pregnancy test imply?

Ok, so the last time I had intercourse was in November. I had a typical period both december and january, but i missed both february and march for finding my period. i took a pregnancy check that was negative, and i have no other symptoms of pregnancy…and ideas what could be wrong?


Answer by run4rain
Anxiety, hormone transform or imbalance, weight change, transform in diet plan or exercise. Our cycles are fragile things that are effortlessly knocked off balance. If you are worried, go pay a visit to your gyno.

Answer by Lynne S
Have you lost a lot of weight recently simply because this can lead to periods to cease, so can stress. Really you have 3 choices, attempt and find an answer right here (which is unlikely), buy one more pregnancy check and discover out what it says. If its good head along to your physician for confirmation and assistance, if its negative head along to your medical physician to try and locate out what is really going on. or third and most likely the fastest and most sensible, skip the messing close to and make an appointment for the physician these days. it will save you a complete lot of worrying. You will discover out what is going on, hope i helped and i wish you the ideal of luck.

Answer by crazyowl
A lot of ladies skip periods for a large quantity of good reasons, some of which are tension, illness, modify in physical exercise levels and losing/gaining weight as effectively as many far more. If you are feeling ok and have no other symptoms of pregnancy (if your last intercourse was in nov that would make you about four months pregnant by now) I feel it is unlikely that you are pregnant. I would advocate that you leave it an additional month and if you have not had your period you go see you medical doctor, but I assume it is a lot more likely that one thing has temporarily messed your periods up maybe pondering you were pregnant and they will return soon.

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