Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Thursday, October 20, 2011

News: WikiLeaks: Cables uncloak secret US diplomacy Video

WikiLeaks: Cables uncloak secret US diplomacy Video

The US military has tried to close the security gaps that it believes allowed a low-level military intelligence analyst to steal hundreds of thousands of classified documents and ultimately give them to the WikiLeaks website. Since the first batch of documents was published earlier this year, military officials have warned that they need to balance the security and limited access with the need for troops around the world to be able to see the latest, raw intelligence. “In the wake of this incident, it will be a real challenge to strike the right balance between security and providing our frontline troops the information they need,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates said after WikiLeaks published a trove of documents about the war in Afghanistan. “We want those soldiers in a forward operating base to have all the information they possibly can have that impacts on their own security but also being able to accomplish their mission.” After the WikiLeaks publications, Gates ordered two reviews of document security, according to Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman. As a result, stricter rules and more limiting technology has been used to help close the gaps while maintaining that balance, he said. Bottom line: It is now much more difficult for a determined actor to get access to and move information outside of authorized channels,” Whitman wrote in an e-mail to reporters Sunday. In the short term, Whitman said, computers within the Department of Defense classified system have been

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WikiLeaks: Cables uncloak secret US diplomacy Video
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