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Monday, October 10, 2011

From Libya.

I'm Hassan.Kebe Abdel Fattah 27yrs old Muslim boy from Libya(son
of Musa Abdel Fattah official ADC to Gaddafi son)We managed our way to
Accra Ghana since Muammar Gaddafi started mass killing in my City
Tobruk Libya i managed to escaped to Ghana with my mother since my
father was killed by the Muammar Gaddafi loyalist, because my father
failed and refused to face arms to his fellow people he was finally
assassinated .

My late father deposited 18 kilos of gold in security company in Accra Ghana.
Based on the information he gave to my mother concerning the deposited
documents and the company were he made the deposit in Accra Ghana.

Ples we need the contact of a genuine foreign gold buyer because we
are presently in Ghana waiting to hear from you.We are there as
refugee,we need a capable person that can afford to buy all the
quantity we need to invest in UK.

100% risk free.

Your Phone and Fax Number.
Hassan Kebe.

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