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Profit from Knowledge

Sunday, November 6, 2011



Question by Tacson:
whats the very ideal way to minimize this headache?

i usually get headaches… which can make my life miserable… i do not know what variety of headache i got, but when i got that… my neck felt like being hardened, and i need to have to massage it and my complete painful head to relief some of the pain.. what can i do to cure / relief it?? I hate headache whenever i want to do something else …
Dont ask me to take medicine.. i know meds support, but i dont want to poison my physique.. So, is there any other “natural approaches” to relief this discomfort??


Answer by margy
get a person to massage your shoulders

cool face cloth to the forehead / lie down in dark space

take some basic analgesia early when you really feel it coming on

Answer by DStyleZZZ
a thing referred to as ibuprofen

Answer by matthew
there arent actually any natural methods… lay off caffein, get enought sleep drink much more water, stay away from taking tylenol when you get a headache…. as soon as i quit takng meds for mine they started out to weaken and hardly ever come back….
if they tend to come back frequently then very ideal thing you can do for oneself and for a decent price is go to a chiropractor and tell them you get a lot of headaches… they will arange your spine and fix your neck wich is a large portion of what creates headaches…. subsequent you want to make sure you get Lots of water each day it could be a sign of dehydrationj… plus when you have a head aches it often assists
make confident when you sleep your pillow is not to big also and dont sit to close to screen (tv and laptop or computer)

they crucial issue believed are lots of water! and a chiropractor

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