Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has directed and ordered that the huge
sum of money recovered from some Nigerian fraudsters arrested recently should be
returned to their respective foreign-owners with immediate effect. So if you are already
a fraud victim through any Nigerian or if you are a foreign contractor and you have
executed any contract with any Nigerian and you have not been paid please report via
this email.
First Bank Of Nigeria PLC has been mandated to verify all the transactions and re-fund
all the money recovered from these fraudsters to their respective owners. All Foreign
Affairs Files has been handed over to our Bank for official use.
We cannot determine the actual amount to pay  the victims of these frauds because most
of the transactions were long in the past and as a result this The Federal Government of
Nigeria and The Central Bank of Nigeria has approved the payment of US$7M
(US$7,000,000)SEVEN MILLION US DOLLARS as compensation to all published beneficiaries.
Your email-address is among the enlisted beneficiaries published for proper verification
and immediate payment. If you  have lost money to Nigeria through fraud or you have any
other way which you have lost money to Nigeria Please, reply to our mail for
confirmation so that we can begin processing the payment and transfer of your money to
your custody. The Federal Government and The Central Bank of Nigeria has directed our
Bank; First Bank of Nigeria to prepare the Transfer your money to your custody.
I, John Aboh has been appointed by the Bank,s Management Authority to supervise this
exercise. I will help you process and transfer your money into your Local Bank Account
in your country.
After the transfer, you will confirm your money in your bank account within 5-hours same
day; no stoppage from any Government departments as the transfer will be done within the
bank alone and it is very safe.
Send to me through this e-mail address:
Full Name;
House/Office contact address;
Phone and Fax Number;
The Name of your Bank,  and your Bank Account Number of where you will like to receive
your $7Million-USD.
When you send the above information, we will open a domiciliary for you, we will take
your file and your domiciliary account details which we have opened for you to the
presidency for clearance and ratification and then to the Telex section of the Central
Bank of Nigeria where your money will be wired directly to your Local Bank in your country.
Awaiting your quick response.
Yours truly,

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