Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Thursday, November 24, 2011

OME Mould

Dear Sir,


OME is a medium-sized manufacturer of plastic / metal tools as well as injection molded, die cast, stamped, deep drawn and metal spinning products. From OME, you can get the following advantages:


Experience in making molds (hot runner molds) for overseas customers

15 years' experience in this line makes us know more about customers' standards of molds like DME, HASCO. We are experienced in making hot runner system molds. Hot runners are mainly from MOLD-MASTER, INCOE, SYNVENTIVE, DEM, HUSKY, HASCO, and YUDO.


Mold building according to weekly schedule sent to customer

Once the order is released and first payment is done, mold building will be strictly arranged according to timing, which will be sent to the customer each Friday for project checking.


Samples with a video & a mold trial report for each mold test

Trial samples together with a video and a report (for each mold test T1, T2…etc.) will be sent to customers for mold approval. We believe it is very important to keep our customers informed of every single detail during the mold building as well as in the mold trial process.


Strict quality control and two hours' mold trial before mold shipment

Quality is strictly controlled in OME from the very beginning to mold shipment. Two hours' mold trial will be needed before mold shipment, to ensure molds can also run continuously well in customer's injection shop.


Contact us today with below information for questions, enquiries or plant visit, or simply send emails to let us know your concerns. For more about us, please visit our website



Best Regards,




OME International Limited

Yongjun Rd., Daling Ind. Zone

Dalingshan Town, DongGuan City

GuangDong, China 523835


Tel:  +86 769-8218-7547

Fax: +86 769-8228-8267


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