Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Dear friend...

Good Day, I am writing with my personal respect with regards to Your reposed personality / firm as a reliable,Trustworthy and God fearing.I got your contact Through the help of chamber of commerce in Abidjan the Capital of COTE D?IVOIRE. In deed I am the wife of Late MR. KOVO DOUGLAS from Sierra Leone. I and My two female children are presently staying in burkina faso as Refugees, my husband was one of the Ministers of Johnny Paul Koromah's regime in Sierra Leone.

During the intervention of the ECOMOGO Soldiers to Restore the presidency of Alhaji Tejan KABBAH from Johnny Koroma, my husband was among the 23 executed Ministers. As our breadwinner is dead (my husband) And our stay in Sierra Leone is no more safe, I and my Two children decided to move to Burkina faso a Neighboring African Country for fety. Due to our Status in Burkina faso as refugees I was forced to Lodge our family funds (USD $ 20million dollars) in SNS finance house in Neither land.

Ever since then we have been receiving help from our Mission, because we are staying in one of the Visitor's villa in the church premises and attends Fellowship and worship fully. I hope you will be Touched to understand my request. We have agreed to invest our money valuable in any Overseas country through your assistance and Directives.

You will provide or look for a lucrative venture where This money can be invested on before proceeding, we Will get to be more familiar and also go into an Understanding working agreement because our family's Future now depends on this money. The boxes containing The money and treasures were all deposited and Registered as a family treasures. This was done for Security reasons. We would like to know what you will take as your Percentage for assisting us. we sincerely wish to introduce and make you our Business partner and overseer of our proposed Investment in your country.

We are prepared to send all the information regarding to This deposit as soon as you show your immediate Response Email so that you can contact the Security Company and tell them what to do. If you can fly down to better then.I just need you to secure this box for me and my kids I will forever be grateful to you and I am willing to offer you 30% of the money if you assist me with sincere heart. Please this money is all my family hope and i really do not want to miss or loose it. I want my kids to have a good living again as before.

Do not fail to give me Your telephone and fax numbers. Please keep this confidential to yourself as I do not want any body to know. Also the Security Company does not know the content of the Consignment to be money rather family treasure as stated in the deposit agreement. This can be done within 5 days and all will be secured in your account as i will confirm to the SNS Bank of Neitherland that you are truly my Husbands Partner. There is no risk there as i have all the document regarding to this matter. Please i will appreciate if you give me your number so that I will call you personally or you email me. I will attached my picture in next email so that you will see me and my Kids.

Best Regards,

Mrs Pauline Douglas...

Attn; Ur reply is urgently needed...

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