Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Electronics: Video kodak easyshare z1485 quality test 2

Video kodak easyshare z1485 quality test 2

Ok, so maybe the is ok. But still not happy as to why other peoples has better than my camera does. The lighting conditions do affect , but I still see some blur dots all over, as to where other people camera does not.. consumption: Like I said it’s horrible. AA and Li Ion AA camera batteries will die fast. Therefore, I bought a Li ion 8000 series rechargeable pack from which includes, plugs, power , and rechargeable batteries Now these batteries are much better than double AA and non rechargable li on batteries. It lasts about 1-2 hours. Contrary, it takes 3 hours to charge, and it costs 50 dollars. When you buy a Kodak you won’t get rechargeable batteries and charger. Conclusion: Add the price for the camera and memory card= 0.00 and a recharge pack + .00 and that’s 0.00. I got this camera refurbished, otherwise it would retail at 0.00. Overall I give this camera a C+. Disregard my other video, but keep in mind that I would neither recommend, or not recommend this product,. It’s about average or ok. Had this camera been new, and better quality videos like the other videos I saw, then I might have given this a B-.

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