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Profit from Knowledge

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Question by teamirish82:
Are there any homeopathic remedies for chalazions?

This is my second chalazion in two years. I had the first surgically removed with disasterous final results. I want to go the normal route. Other than hot compress, cleaning regularly with child shampoo, and no makeup are there any supplements or homeopathic remedies that have been identified to aid?
The mass is somewhat hardened. I have had good luck with the hot compresses, cleansing, and tea tree oil twice a day.


Answer by Nurses are Angels

try that dear…

Answer by jd88
Is it puss filled or is it a hard mass?
From the details you have provided so far, I would state try Silicea 30C twice a day. Silicea has the capacity to draw puss out of the eye and if it is right for you, you will see your chalazion decrease in size in a month or two (depending on size it will take longer). Right after that, take Hepar Sulph 30C which heals the puss wound. Then take Staphysagria 30C each day to avoid additional chalazions as individuals who create chalazions are prone to an additional.

Answer by SkepDoc two.
No there are not. Homeopathy is a placebo remedy.

You are quite proper in the use of frequent hot compresses and lid hygeine. Opthalmologists do not like to do the surgical remedy either, as there are usually some cosmetic problems with scarring of the eyelid.

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