Profit from Knowledge

Profit from Knowledge

Friday, March 18, 2016

ConFab conference

Here's a preview of The ConFab's "must-attend" conference program.
Dr. Tom Caulfield, SVP and GM, Fab 8, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
Dr. Caulfield is SVP and GM of GLOBALFOUNDRIES' latest leading-edge 
300mm wafer manufacturing facility (Fab 8), located in Saratoga County,
 NY. Caulfield, who joined the company in May 2014, leads the operations,
 expansion and ramp of semiconductor manufacturing production at 
Fab 8, where GLOBALFOUNDRIES supports customers on
 the world's most advanced semiconductor manufacturing
 technology platforms including 28 nm, 20nm, and 14nm.
Sunny Hui, SVP of Worldwide Marketing, SMIC
Mr. Hui joined Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), 
the largest and most advanced semiconductor foundry in mainland China, 
in April 2010. 
He is presently the SVP of Worldwide Marketing responsible for setting up
 corporate direction and developing product strategies. Before he 
assumed his current role in Marketing, Sunny was the President of 
SMIC Americas where he managed and developed the North America business for SMIC.
 Prior to that, Sunny was the President of Grace Semiconductor North America.
 He also worked across various functions in Chartered
 Semiconductor Manufacturing in early part of his career.
Pete Singer, Editorial Director, Solid State Technology Conference Chair, The ConFab
At the The ConFab 2016, we will delve into why it's
 "The New Age of Innovation for Semiconductors." Industry experts will describe 
why new innovation is required to address fundamental shifts in
 the market, as conventional drivers, such as PCs and smartphones, 
are becoming saturated. It's not clear what the next market driver will be.
 The Internet of Things (IoT) shows tremendous promise, yet it's a highly 
fragmented market, spanning applications among consumer, medical,
 automotive, home and logistics. In addition to the new
 "big data" infrastructure, new innovations are required for 5G infrastructure;
 5G smartphones and other platforms; image processing; 
image sensors; autonomous vehicles and data storage systems.
A key part of the equation, and a longtime focus of The ConFab, is 
the economics of semiconductor manufacturing. Speakers and panelists
 will address such questions as who will be able to afford leading edge
 technology in sufficient volume to drive significant investment, and when
 will 7nm and 5nm come into play? Is continued consolidation putting 
innovation at risk, particularly in light of increasing R&
and design costs, increasing chip complexity and increased variety of materials?
CEOs, fab managers, suppliers and others are critically concerned 
about these trends, because they must plan now for devices 
that will go into production in the next few years. Foundries,
 in particular, face the challenge of confidently supplying 
specs for designs that will be produced at next-generation technology nodes.
 The ConFab's expert speakers will talk to these issues and
 provide a useful overview of notable trends, challenges and opportunities.
 – Pete Singer, Conference Chair

With unprecedented consolidation facing the industry, The ConFab is
 a "must attend" event for those with management responsibility at semiconductor-related organizations.
 register for your pass today.

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