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Profit from Knowledge
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Re: translations from English into Russian and from Russian to English

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From: Филипп Селиверстов <>
Date: Thursday, September 1, 2011 7:11 pm
Subject: translations from English into Russian and from Russian to English

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<table width="845" height="166" border="1" cellpadding="25" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#333333" bgcolor="#333333">
<td width="791" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p align="center"><font color="#333333" size="5" face="calibri">Good day!</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font color="#333333" size="5" face="calibri">We offer you translations from English to Russian and from Russian to English. We are group of translation established in 1999. We have native Russian and native English translators with high quality of translations. Our price is $0.16 per word. This is low with high quality. Write us with the texts for translation, and we will contact you soon. Our e-mail groupoftranslation@mail.ruBest regards,</font></p>
<p align="center"><font color="#333333" size="5" face="calibri">Marina Mulina.<br>
Tel.+996 312 633238<br>

+996 312 317007</font></p></td>


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