Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chemicals Cooperation.

Dear Sir,

How are you?Linkedin Friends.

I am Harriet Gu from Zibo Nature International Trading Co.,ltd,China.

We specialize in Organic chemicals solvents,they are applied in:
medicine,pesticide,papermaking,dye,pharmaceutical,paint,adhesive,degreaser,refrigerant,soap and so on.

We mainly sell:
Methylene Chloride,Trichloroethylene,Nitromethane,Epichlorohydrin,Ethyl Acetate,Cyclohexanone,Sodium Nitrite,Causic Soda,glacial acetic acid,Triethylamine,Isopropanol,Hydrofluoric acid,DMF,Formic acid,PAC,Urea,etc...

The attachments are the details of products.We also have others,the list is the main products.
Pls kindly check and revert at yr earliest.

B.RGDS/Harriet Gu

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