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Re: Selectively Choose Telemarketing Services

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Subject: Selectively Choose Telemarketing Services
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> Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI)'s issuance of "The
> Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations,
> 2010" can be regarded as a more convenient approach towards
> providing mobile subscribers the choice to selectively choose
> telemarketing services.
> The National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) of TRAI which
> will become effective from 1 January, 2011 allows customers to
> either completely block or choose telemarketing calls from
> pefedeined seven categories.
> You can set your preferences  via Voice call, via IVRS and also
> through SMS. Here we look at how to register, deregister and
> change your preferences for telemarketing calls, through SMS.
> Registration Your Tele Marketing Preference through SMS
> You can set your preferences via SMS by sending an SMS to 1909.
> Follow the instructions given below carefully to completely block
> or partially allow tele marketing calls.
> To avail the fully blocked option which blocks all seven
> categories, you have to send SMS START 0 to 1909.
> For registering to partially blocked option, you have to send an
> SMS in the format  given below:
> 1. Send START 1 for receiving SMS relating
> to Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards
> 2. Send START 2 for receiving SMS relating to Real Estate
> 3. Send START 3 for receiving SMS relating to Education
> 4. Send START 4 for receiving SMS relating to Health
> 5. Send START 5 for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and
> automobiles 6. Send START 6 for receiving SMS relating
> to Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT 7. Send START 7 for
> receiving SMS relating to Tourism and Leisure
> You can also register to get telemarketing calls from more than
> one category by sending a single SMS. You need to include your
> preferred category numbers coma separated.
> For example, if you want calls from Education and Health, you have
> to send an SMS in the format START 3, 4
> When your options are received at the other end, the Access
> Provider will send you an SMS, asking for your confirmation.
> When you reply, the Access Provider will register your preference
> and will  send a final SMS notifying the success of registration
> along with your unique registration number.
> Done.
> If you are sending an SMS like "START 0,2,3" with 0 (zero)
> included, the SMS will be treated as fully blocked.
> Changing preference through SMS
> Here we will show you how to change your already registered
> preferences with your new preference options.
> 1. You can stop existing options by sending an SMS STOP, followed
> by the preference number. For eg, if you want to stop the
> education related telemarketing calls, send STOP 3 to 1909.
> 2. If you want a new option to your existing options, you can
> send an SMS START, followed by your preference number. Eg, You can
> send an SMS "START 3" to start receiving calls from Education
> telemarketing agents.
> 3. After you send SMS to your Access Provider, you will get an
> SMS asking for your confirmation. When you reply, your preferences
> will get registered.
> 4. You also get an SMS indicating that your preferences are
> registered. This SMS will also have your unique registration number
> Done.
> De-Registration of preference through SMS
> To deregister from the National Customer Preference Register, send
> "STOP" to 1909. You will then get a deregistration confirmation
> request via SMS. Once you confirm, the Access Provider will
> activate your option and inform you through SMS.
> Read more at TECK.INhttp://teck.in/send-sms-to-1909-start-stop-
> or-change-telemarketing-call-preferences.html#ixzz1ZydDUwmH
>  J.R.Devadoss

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