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Profit from Knowledge

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Question by •ºJen•º:
should i purchase a heart rate monitor to get into form?

I by no means really know how challenging i’m working out when I am jogging. I jog-walk-jog-walk and do not know if im actually pushing myself.

is a heart rate monitor worth the investment?
do you feel it will provide a bit of extra determination?


Answer by Tyleh
In my honest opinion, no. All it does is count how several times your heart beats and applies a quite simple formula you can do in your head, and heart monitors get very pricey.

To discover your maximum heart rate in bpm, subtract 220 minus your age. Then, you really should uncover 50% and 85% of that quantity. This is your target heart rate when exercising. For instance, I am 17, so my maximum heart rate is 203. My low THR is around 102 and my high THR is 173.

Your objective when exercising is to elevate your heart rate to at least your low THR without going over your high THR. To check your pulse, the easiest two spots are the carotid artery in the neck or the radial artery in the wrist. Usually palpate (really feel) the location with two fingers, preferably the index and middle fingers, not the thumb.

The radial artery in the wrist can be palpated by pointing your palms upwards and placing two fingers practically in the middle of the wrist. The carotid artery in the neck is less complicated for me just simply because the pulse is much a lot more noticeable. To palpate it you will need to have to dig about in your neck a little just underneath the jawbone exactly where it angles into the bottom of your mouth.

Once you find a palpable artery, just count the amount of heartbeats in six seconds and multiply by 10. This will give a close estimate of your genuine heart rate. From there, simply analyze to see that it falls within range, and adjust your exercise.

That’s truly all a monitor does, and if you can do that on your own, why purchase a product to do it for you?

Answer by Aor S
I utilised…

Most men and women will not use half of what this watch can do. The most usefull issue for me has been to load courses into the watch and then if I get off course an alarm will let me know. Then as soon as I get back on course, it will tell me the course has been found. This is fantastic for running mountain trails. An additional usefull item is to turn autolap on and to a single mile. Then each single mile it will beep and inform you how swiftly you ran the earlier mile. You can have up to four points on each and each of three other screens. Just some of the points you can choose to put on those screens are Distance, Elevation, Heading, Heart Rate, Pace, Pace for final Lap, Time, Time of Day, Sunrise, Sunset, Calories, and Grade. Right after a run you can upload the information to your laptop or personal and view your route, elevation profile, how rapidly you ran each mile, your typical heart rate for each and each mile and much more. You can use the application that comes with the watch or there is a free of charge software program named Sport Tracks (…) It tends to make it straightforward to upload your run into Google Earth which is also a free of charge system. Then you can spin the map close to in three dimensions and see where you ran. You can also race against oneself by running against a virtual partner that represents a earlier run. You can search at any time to see how far ahead or behind you are of your virutal partner. Now there is more that this watch will do, but these are the things I have utilised it for. It has been extremely usefull for me. In reality, I hardly ever go on a run without having it.

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Do not hesitate – just get it!

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