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Profit from Knowledge

Monday, September 5, 2011



Question by Julz:
Can pain relief drugs stop or treat the common cold?

Can the use of anguish relief drugs such as paracetimol or codine prevent a person from suffering the effects of the common cold if taken as symtoms commence? Why/Why not?
So would it be hazardous for an indervidual to take these pain relief drugs for this reason?


Answer by Gil
All anguish relief does is to lessen the symptoms a small. No effect at all on the cold virus.

Answer by tre
no they cant. but they can modify how your brian reacts to the signs and symptoms. so even though the symptoms are still there you are less aware of them.

Solution by namairb2
No. Anguish relief drugs are produced to be used for pain relief and not to stop or even support against the cold virus. The only factor that you can do for this is to treat the symptoms until this virus runs it’s course. These typically incorporate a decongestant for a runny nose and chest congestion so that you can assist this way. Also drinking a lot of water. You will require eight-10 8 oz. glasses a day to aid retain any secretions loosened so you can bring them up and it also keeps the immune system working at it’s ideal too.
Many people feel orange juice is essential, but if your cold consists of nausea or a sore throat this will only make them worse. You can take lots of oral vitamin C for this. The pain drugs like codeine are utilized primarily to support things like bone pain. Exactly where in a cold do you have bone pain except the regular aches and pains expected with a cold? This is not utilised for this either. The use for these pain drugs ae listed on the pamphlet you get along with the drug when you fill it at the pharmacy. Please make certain you read this as often even if you have taken the identical drug many times just before there are modifications created that might possibly interest you. Anybody needing to see their medical physician for drugs to assist the symptoms of the cold virus stipulations to follow the advise of their doctor’s too. Good luck and God Bless

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