Friday, September 2, 2011

News: PS2 DualShock 2 Controller – Gray

PS2 DualShock 2 Controller – Gray

  • Features 12 analog keys to add intelligence to your gaming
  • Twin Dual Shock motors give two different feedback effects for more variety
  • Supports memory for more than one player at the same time
  • Eight-way D-pad and twin 3D control pads with independent control keys
  • All the features you need to take complete control over your gaming!

With the Dual Shock 2 Controller for PS2 let you customize your gaming experience and enjoy it more comfortably than ever! Color – Slate GreyThe layout of PlayStation2′s Dual Shock 2 controller is nearly identical to that of the original PlayStation’s Dual Shock controller, which is good news for most gamestorers. The main new feature is that, when the buttons are pushed, the controller can register how much pressure is being exerted. This adds a completely new dimension to sports, racing, fighting, and more gamestores. Aside from the Start and Select buttons, all of the functions are analog for greater control, a wider variety of operations, and a more compelling interactive experience. Two convex analog thumb pads and two force-feedback solenoid

PS2 DualShock 2 Controller – Gray

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