Friday, August 19, 2011

News: DICE MBR-1000-BMW MediaBridge for BMW (Black)

DICE MBR-1000-BMW MediaBridge for BMW (Black)

  • Charging for all iPod and iPhone models
  • 1/8-Inch mini input for additional audio devices: aftermarket satellite radios, CD/DVD players, non-Apple mp-3 players
  • Enables SIRIUS SC-C1 Tuner or other portable SIRIUS tuners to be connected and controlled
  • Can be controlled from the radio and steering wheel
  • Amazon is an Authorized DICE Dealer. For customer service questions or technical assistance please call 1-888-342-3999

The DICE MediaBridge kit for BMW is an entertainment and information connectivity device that offers a USB digital connection for iPod and iPhone, direct connection for USB Flash-based mass storage device, input for the aftermarket SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner and an extra aux input for the audio device of your choice. MediaBridge is Made for iPod (MFi) and Works with iPhone (WWi) compliant allowing a full featured iPod/iPhone experience over USB in the vehicle. The MediaBridge audio circuitry is designed to meet or exceed the sound quality of any premium audio system. Full text display to the radio and full control from the radio is supported for both USB devices and SIRIUS Satellite tuner. Features: High quality, level matched audio outpu

DICE MBR-1000-BMW MediaBridge for BMW (Black)

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